As most of you have seen, I haven’t posted in quite some time.

A huge THANK YOU to all my friends, bands, and readers that have supported and promoted the cause and let me cook for you last year. Please keep spreading the word so I can feed even more bands in 2017! No metal musician will be stuck eating fast food every fucking day of tour if I can help it.

To be completely candid, I felt like shit for the entirety of 2016. I finally went to the Doctor in November and found out I had a tumor, right before I left for the Nordics. When I arrived in Finland the first week of December, I felt much worse than I did before I left the States. I continued on to Sweden as planned, where I ultimately ended up in the hospital. I was treated for some other symptoms, but I would have to wait quite a while to receive surgery since I’m a non-citizen. I had no choice but to return back to the States without accomplishing anything I set out to do in Europe (cooking for more bands, filming cooking videos, etc.).

The good news is that I was able to have surgery last week and will be recovering for the next six weeks, and that (thank fuck!) the tumor was benign.

I plan to start cooking for bands again in mid-February, and will temporarily be setting up shop in Baltimore, Maryland. I will be returning to Finland and Sweden as soon as possible-by summer at the latest.

I’m in the process of booking February/March dates and contacting bands coming through the Baltimore/Washington DC area. As always, let me know if you want food!

I will be on 70000 Tons of Metal again this year, but will obviously be taking it (relatively) easy. If you’ll be there, let’s drink some beer!

Thanks again for all the love (and beer). It warms my otherwise stone cold heart. Let’s party. 💓🍻

Bands cooked for/treat drop-offs in 2016:

  • Alestorm
  • Begat the Nephilim
  • Deathwish
  • Exmortus
  • Eye of the Destroyer
  • My Missing Half
  • Nekrogoblikon
  • Nervosa
  • Omnium Gatherum
  • Soilwork
  • Suspended
  • Teazer