The reason this blog exists is to give me the ability to feed bands while on the road to help minimize tour costs, so they can focus on spending their money where it matters – keeping metal alive!

I listen to metal, give you recipes and travel tips without all the typical blog-y anecdotal drivel. You’re welcome. I won’t waste your time with obnoxious step-by-step pictures (unless it’s a really intense recipe), because I trust you’re not morons and all know what basic ingredients look like in a bowl.

I now live in Finland, with pit stops in New England and the Mid-Atlantic, but was born in the dirty, dirrrty South of the US.  You’ll see this come through in some of my recipes.  When I’m not in the kitchen, you’ll find me at a local show or travelling.

If you get stuck on a recipe, message me on Facebook and I’ll help you out. We’ll get through this together. Party.